A Word & A Smile by Dr. DeVese

Baby Teeth

As any parent will tell you, teething is a painful and uncomfortable process for children. Teething is a term that refers to the sequential appearance of infant teeth. As these teeth emerge from the gums, they cause pain and swelling, which can be very upsetting for kids. The teeth generally appear in a specific order,…

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Kids’ Toothbrushes

As parents, we’re all ultimately concerned with our children’s health and well being. A big part of a child’s health is their oral hygiene, but what sort of things should we be thinking about when choosing a toothbrush for them? One of the biggest problems in children’s oral health is that children often don’t brush

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Kids Brushing Teeth

It is very important for children to brush their teeth. A substance called plaque forms naturally on the teeth, and when combined with the sugars and starches in our diet, it produces an acid that leads to tooth decay. Tooth decay is related to periodontal disorders, which are the leading cause of tooth loss later

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Take Home Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a very popular service, as it can dramatically increase the beauty of your teeth in a relatively short period of time. For some people, though, the cost of in-office whitening can be too much. In-office also can be painful if not performed cautiously. A great alternative to in-office whitening is Take

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Laser Teeth Whitening

The whiteness of your teeth is an important aspect of your appearance. A shiny white smile is very attractive, but sadly, most of us experience discoloration and staining as a result of our diets and behaviors. For those seeking rapid, dramatic change to the whiteness of their teeth, Laser Teeth Whitening is a great option.

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