Dental Restorations


Your teeth remain vulnerable to the elements on a daily basis. Damage and decay are almost unavoidable for the average person. Dr DeVese can restore your smile, returning it to its natural beauty.


Cavities are small imperfections that form in the enamel of your tooth. They can be remedied by removing the problem and filling the gap with a new material – such as metal, acrylic or porcelain.


When a tooth has numerous fillings or is damaged, a crown may be necessary. After reducing the tooth to a post, a crown is placed over the existing tooth, preventing further damage.


If biting has worn away the strength of your tooth’s structure over time, we can repair it by placing an “inlay” over the damaged area. This helps protect from further damage.

Dental Bridges

A bridge is a device that holds artificial teeth in place by attaching them to surrounding teeth. If a tooth replacement is necessary, the dentist may recommend a bridge.

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